Sl​*​ts Talk About Heaven

by Body Cheetah



released October 30, 2011

Body Cheetah, Bacon Bitz, Ahyve, OnTask Family



all rights reserved
Track Name: The Smell of Dead Bodies
Suck the blood from brain
Make sure I can't sleep
Gut me slut
Take my money so I can't eat
Lick my lips there's nothing good on T.V
Find my brain
Go insane
Whiskey and red meat

I'm just so tired all the time
And bored
I don't know what to do with myself anymore

Sittin' round
Feeling down
Thinking about murder and disease
Feeling sick
Better leave
Find a victim I can please
Being bored
I brought my demons
I brought my seed
I hate my life
Just like you
I'm so hungry you better leave

I'm sorry I'm so dangerous
And, um, I don't know how to control myself
I just think you should leave
Just leave
I'm not myself
I don't know what to do
Help me
Track Name: Cherry Popper (Ft. Bacon Bitz)
DeadRock party
I just lost me
Stab me car key
Knives are too sharp
Hit me drum beat
Solar flesh
Drug meat
Pussy blood
Blood treat
Dripping on down my skin
Trick me heart cheat
Go to sleep haunt me
In my dreams want me
Think I'm getting hard
I'm sick watch me
Stab your back
Caught me
In jail watch these
Criminal on T.V

I guess thats it
The song is done
Kids, do drugs, and buy a gun
Hit your girl
And hit your mom
You won't be sad
When they are gone
Track Name: Rose & Bells
I know you don't wanna party
So go to sleep
You make me drink alcohol when I am weak
You're cool with crazy and I love that
Its you I need
Kill the people I hate in my life
And mow the weeds

(Hanging over)

Babe I'm so scared that I love you
The wind in your hair
The gum you chew
I feel sick when I'm without you
Come on, Lover
Be my glue
Why won't you tell me whats on your mind
I love your hips
I love your behind
I wish I just didn't just make you up
You make me happy
You fill my cup

(Hanging over)
Track Name: Dog
Living in a glass fantasy
Broke my toe and now I don't need a knee
I ate my love I puked it into the sea

I guess you wanted it,
I guess you wanted it to be

So I guess I'll drool
Into the pool
I think you're cool
But fuck that
I want your body
A new pair of thumbs
Yes I'm naughty
A hot dog bun
Track Name: DeadRock
I know you don't wanna bite me
Scratch my back
Devil knows he wants to fight me
You got my back?
She does she knows all about me
She'll be back
Cool song, chillwave
Fuck the hype tree
Smoke some crack

Blood blood blood blood blood, blood blood blood blood blood
Blood blood blood blood blood, blood blood blood blood blood

* * * * * * *

Blood, blood, blood, blood, blood, blood, blood, blood

Cause I'm cool like that
I hid you in the trees
Suicide pill snap
Oh bb, please
Chill me down with the night time creep
I'm blue in the morning I drank the anti-freeze
These bells won't stop
I can't listen no more
Push the sound, snap back
I killed that whore
I killed that whore
I killed that whore
I killed that whore
Track Name: All To Myself
I have you all to myself
I huff glue
Cause it reminds me of you

Its hard to get rid of your heart

I'v got booze
To forget about me
You've stop me
From controlling myself

Its hard to get rid of your heart
Track Name: Mood Swing
If I get really sad its gonna make mad

I should really change my thoughts
I don't know why I brought up
Fucker in my head just said whats up
Ooo he's dead and I'm awake
Burn't flesh skin and lemon cake
Homes not there it went away
The skies not happy with the day
Graveyard bones sad are the bees
The church bells ring slow with the Breeze

Whatever makes you sad let it make you sad
If I get really sad its gonna make me mad
Whatever makes you mad let it make your mad
If I get really mad its gonna make me sad
Track Name: Cocaine
Hey babe
whats your problem?
you already got it
Hey girl
what you looking for?
She already broke it
Hey man
Whatchu you macking on?
She ain't interested
Hey you
Step the fuck away
I don't want you here


I swear I'll fucking break your neck if you step too close
I smoke too many cigarettes thats why my breathes so gross
I want to fucking grab your ass it looks so good
Your skin is a little jacked up
I dont fucking care

Track Name: So If
So long (so alone)

So if you go away
Please don't mention my name
I probably won't be back for awhile
I'll probably go to the trees
Next to the graveyard
I'll take pit stop in the devils gas station
Just for you
And if I go away
I promise I won't mention your name
I don't want people to know what we had

So long (so alone)